This website is
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This website is
under development.
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Please help us helping you

Only with your contributions we will be able to achieve the goal of help you.

As a non-profit, our funding sources are severely limited and, therefore, we rely solely on the kindness of our visitors and our own investment.

We believe that a quick response in the case of health problems or a lost child or person should be an universal right and should not be turned into an extortion business. All we're asking now is a really small, symbolic, one-time contribution of at least $2 - $3 to help maintain the service.

Anyone who contributes with a donation above $2 will have the opportunity of signing-up and enjoy lifetime service for free, and our goal is to be able to provide this service, under the same conditions, to everyone even after the campaign, for the same modest and symbolic one-time contribution of at least $2.

To benefit from this offer for a pre-release donation, we will need you to send us the details of the transaction and, after confirmation of such details, you will receive an appreciation E-Mail as well as a voucher-style code that you will need when finally registering.

You can contribute by Paypal, Bitcoin, direct bank transfer/deposit and soon through IndieGoGo.

Contributing by direct bank transfer/deposit

Please place your transfer or donation to the following account number:

IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 396 7332 47 71 64

If you wish to make your donation directly at the bank office, you can do so at any BANIF agency.

Please don't forget to send us the details of your transfer to donations [at] If you make a direct deposit at the bank office, please send us a scan of the receipt to the same e-mail address.

Contributing through Paypal

Donations through Paypal go to the account donations [ at ]

You can make donations through Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account. In that case, in the box "Comments and final E-Mail address" you can add your E-Mail address.

You can also send us that information via E-Mail later to the same address mentioned above. When you do so, please add the Paypal transaction ID so we can confirm it.

You can donate directly in US Dollars, Euros or GB Pounds

US Dollars (USD)Euro (EUR)GB Pound

Contributing in Bitcoin

If you prefer to help using bitcoin, please do so to the following address:


Please add either your E-Mail in the bitcoin transfer description field or a transfer ID of your choosing and send us that transfer ID by E-Mail to donations [ at ]