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This website is
under development.
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What's it for?

  • It's a system to help you in emergency situations.
  • It's based on a QR-Code that identifies you uniquely and provides a direct link to your information.
  • That information is useful for emergency professionals such as paramedics, doctors and police officers.
  • It contains data regarding your allergies, your medication, known health problems and emergency contact information.

How does it work?

  • Imagine yourself in an emergency situation.
  • You were going about your life, driving back home.
  • Suddenly, some drunk person driving erratically or some irresponsible teen checking their phone crashes into your car.
  • What happens next?

What happens next?

  • The emergency services arrive and take you on the ambulance.
  • Meanwhile, the police officers that were also on site were already able to find out who your emergency contacts were.
  • They have been properly contacted, thanks to the information provided by the little bracelet you had.
  • And then?

And then?

  • You're in the hospital, about to receive assistance.
  • To prevent an infection, doctors decide to administer an antibiotic.
  • But they don't prescribe that one that you're allergic to, because they have also checked your bracelet.

How is it accessed?

  • Your unique profile is in a website that is accessed through the QR-Code.
  • The QR-Code encodes a very specific web link, generated in such a way that it cannot be simply guessed.
  • An emergency professional would use the now ubiquitous smartphone to scan the link and open the page.
  • Check the demonstration page for an example.

How does it look?

  • Stylish.
  • You can choose from different models, and some of them are exclusive, one of a kind pieces.
  • We also supply metal tags for you to create your own bracelets or to add to the ones you already have.
  • You can use it or you can order for your kids, to help if they get lost.
  • Check the Pre-order page to see what we have available.

Will anyone know what to look for?

  • Most likely.
  • There are already a great number of persons carrying bracelets with reduced medical information.
  • This is the same, only better as it can provide more information.
  • We are actively contacting several entities around the world to let them know so that they are aware.
  • The system is gaining traction and becomming established and well-known.

What kind of information?

  • Your past treatments.
  • Your allergies.
  • Known medical problems.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • How to proceed when it is impossible to contact your next of kin (for instance, if there is a DNR).
  • Maybe, in the future, your last will and testament.


  • To save lives, of course.
  • Some people have the magical touch to do volunteer work.
  • Some are doctors, policemen, firemen.
  • This is our way to contribute, using our technical skills to come up with creative and helpful solutions for the community.
  • And as a tribute.

Is it safe?

  • It is a compromise between usability and security, but yes, as much as technically possible.
  • You are in control of your own data and participation is voluntary.
  • Servers with data are shielded from the Web, everything goes through a secondary system.
  • We provide you with an easy to use tool to immediately report any data leaks or suspected breaches.
  • There are additional measures we can put in place, but those depend on the available funding.
  • We use the same system for ourselves, on the same servers, therefore you know we are on the same boat.

How much does it cost?

  • At the moment there isn't a fixed price
  • If you make any donation above 2€ during the campaign, we will provide you with free service for life*.
  • You can have the bracelets for a donation starting at 10€, some others require higher valued donations.
  • Our hope is to reach, during the campaign, a value high enough to be able to keep the service free forever.
*Check conditions in the Terms and conditions page.

Funding stages

$15 000 System operational with minimal resources.
$30 000 Safer, in-house printing of QR-Codes on the bracelets.
$70 000 More advanced system with higher availability and security.
$150 000 Jumpstart the development of the hardware Life Bracelet for realtime monitoring.
$1 000 000 Improved working conditions and a full time team which means free lifetime service for everyone.

How will the funding be spent?

  • Our top priority is increasing the overall security and availability of the system.
  • For that we will invest in additional equipment (additional servers to improve availability and better insulate the data) and improving our own working conditions.
  • We will also invest in LASER engraving equipment so that all QR-Codes are produced in-house, giving you additional assurances that your data is secure.
  • And, obviously, much needed marketing campaigns to help spread the word about the service so that it can effectively do what it is intended for.