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This website is
under development.
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Here's what the other companies, sites, products don't tell you: there is no such thing as a fail-proof system. Everyone else promises you that, but we are not a company, we don't have to resort to faux advertising or unscuprulous marketing.

Even if we could promise that the software we developed to serve you was fail-proof, our system, as any other system depends on third-party software and services. There is not a single piece of software or hardware in the world that is absolutely self-contained and independent. They are all built on a set of components and, usually, the great majority of those components in any system are of third-party origin and much more complex than the specific part built to support the service such a system provides.

What we can promise, however, is that we will always be on top of the situation, commited to repair bugs and potential security flaws as much as possible before they can be exploited, to keep your data safe. And not just your data, our data as well, because we are using that same system for ourselves. We don't want our data to fall in the wrong hands any more than you do.

We took a lot of measures to make sure your data is safe. It's in our best interest that such is true, since if we do get a breach, it is our neck and our reputation that is on the line. And we want to be known as an icon of quality and reliability.

We can guarantee, however, that we will not willingly provide your data to anyone. We WILL NOT sell your data or allow any third party to access it, unless YOU explicitely state so.

We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any company, intelligence agency, government, university or any other institution. The Onda Technology Institute is an independent organism, a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to research, enterpreneurship, charity and teaching.

We will also not use your data internally for any testing or statistical purpose other than what is strictly necessary to keep the proper conditions for the Life Bracelet - Emergency Information Service system. No other teams or projects will have access to your data and only a very reduced set of people from the Life Bracelet team itself will have access to it.


We may need to resort to providing advertising space in order to help fund this service. However, we will not allow any intrusive publicity to be displayed in pages containing your private information, unless we are absolutely sure that such elements do not pose a security risk.

We will, therefore, have in place a very strict and draconian set of rules to prevent security flaws such as cross-site scripting (XSS), for example. Publicity in critical pages will only be served from our own servers and no animations or scripts will be allowed. We will also reserve the right to carefully select what is worthwhile, because although it would be good to be able to provide this service comfortably, we prefer that whatever is being publicized anywhere on our website actually might be of value to you.

Duration of the service

If we promise you a lifetime service for free, we will keep that promise, but only as long as we can provide the service to everyone.

If the service loses sustainability, we will, unfortunately, be forced to shut it down. However, if we determine we are approaching such an unfortunate situation, we will let you know and we will try to find new ways to either improve the service or fund it.

Be prepared that you might be invited to make a new donation from time to time. And we would like to emphasize the "invited" part, because it will be voluntary and not participating in any new funding campaign will not strip you of your service or release us from our promise.

Your obligations

Well, of course you also have obligations. If this system is to work properly, there is a part that is of your responsability.

First, you may not try to subvert the system in any way for any purpose. You may not try to extract from it any more information than it is made legitimately available to you, you may not try to access functions that were not explicitly made available to you, you may not try to take it down, force it to behave any differently than it was made to behave. If you do so, we'll have your head, metaphorically speaking.

Our responsability ceases where an exploited security flaw can not be directly attributed to us. We will, however, ask for legal prosecution against any party involved in trying to disrupt our services in any way.

It is also imperative that you correctly fill all the required fields and provide only accurate and succint information about yourself. Failure to do so may result in you receiving improper help or treatment or even no help at all in situations where correct information might have saved you from any particular situation.

Rejection of liability

This is a free, non-mandatory, volunteer operated service and is provided as is. We do not make any claim of aplicability of or fitness of this service for any particular purpose and we cannot, therefore, be liable for any failure or for any adverse consequence including loss of profit, business interruption, injuries, lost savings, loss of programs or data, death or improper treatment.

For a full disclaimer, please refer to this page.